Why Brand Authenticity is Crucial to the Retail Sphere

What strategies make brands dominant in the retail sphere? 

We’re talking all things branding with David Lemley, who has spent his career helping brands become legendary. David is the President and Chief Strategist of Retail Voodoo, a U.S. based brand strategy firm that helps specialty food and beverage brands gain market share by addressing their toughest growth challenges.  David’s latest book, Beloved and Dominant Brands: The Brand Ecosystem that Drives Better-for-you Brands from One of Many to Category Prominence, walks readers through how to establish the meaning of their marketing and what legacy their brands are leaving. 

Listen along as we discuss how brands can become meaningful to consumers lives, how to differentiate your brands in the eyes of the customer, and why authenticity is crucial in creating a brand strategy for the long haul.

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