The Hearst Tower

The Hearst Tower located in Charlotte, North Carolina, was a second generation restaurant situated on the most popular food and beverage street in Uptown. However, it had been vacant for multiple years and was considered a “Snake bit location” due to lack of street front presence. This was creating an undesirable and rampant turnover of hopeful concepts. After accepting the challenge, Adam was told it was impossible to move fire suppression because it would potentially endanger the sprinkler system for the entire building. He determined it would be beneficial to commission Gensler Architects and a local fire code expert to address the setback, fire suppression, and right of way issues. Once viability of new project was assessed, Adam then reached out to a personal network of top tier restaurant brands to determine the best fit for concept. The Landlord’s expertise lies in the office world so it was important to work hand in hand with them on every step to ensure to process was handled correctly from a civil, construction and retail perspective. Today, both the Landlord and Tenant have acquired a wildly successful symbiotic relationship.

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