“Be Powerful” with Liz & Clary Hilliard

There are some things you still can’t buy online — like a good workout.  Or can you?  Liz and Clary Hilliard are finding out.

“It’s a way to reach clients all over the world,” Liz Hilliard told Adam Williams on the Retail Redeveloped podcast.  “We are Creating that HSM family outside of Charlotte.”

You can hear more about it on the podcast here: https://soundcloud.com/retailredeveloped/liz-clary-hilliard

The HSM family refers to their very popular workout studios and programs — the Hilliard Studio Method.  It combines the best of strength and resistance training with flexibility and cardio, in a way that gets your heart pumping like one-dimensional training might not.

Mom Liz created the workout for daughter Clary as she tried to get in shape for her wedding.  It has grown from there into an “omnichannel retail” venture of DVD’s, downloads, and streaming workouts — which you can access anywhere you can get an Internet connection — as their brick-and-mortar studios continue to grow and expand.

The dynamic mother-daughter duo now have studios in Eastover/Myers Park, Midtown, and, most recently, Stonecrest in Ballantyne.  Each studio has its own personality, but the brand — “Be Powerful” — is the driving message behind everything the HSM owners do.  It’s about pushing their clients to, and even beyond, “the edge.”

“Your edge is the place that you go, where you think you can’t go further,” says Liz.  Daughter Clary chimes in with, “Mom is right.”

“When you reach that edge in your physical workout, it can click in your mind” to push you in outside struggle, says Clary.

In that way, the workout is about more than working out.  It is about setting and reaching mental and physical goals as a springboard to tackling life’s bigger challenges.  It is about empowering clients who choose to start or end their day by getting fierce.

“Stand in your own space, own your own power, make your own worth,” states Liz emphatically.  Their original client base started with mostly women who wanted to find a community where they could feel that empowerment.  HSM provides that family.

“Women are multifaceted , multi-powerful dynamos,” says Clary.  “They’re standing in their own power.”

The Hilliard Studio Method has since added another factor to their brand, the HSM Core.  The workout, which is proving its appeal to men, involves a 40-minute (not 39, not 41, but 40!) workout on a machine called the “Megaformer.”  Available at the Studio’s Midtown and Stonecrest locations, the Megaformer is a full-body workout.

“A lot of golfers like it because it makes their drive stronger,” says Clary.  Modern workout research shows a strong core helps athletes in every sport perform better.  Clary says the reasoning is simple:  The stronger your core is, the less everything else will hurt.  “Core helps you build strength so you won’t get hurt,” she adds.

At a time of year when New Year’s resolutions prompt a lot of new workouts — which can drop off by mid-February — Liz knows the key to encouraging clients to stay motivated.

“Take time for yourself,” she says.  “You’re not going to be there for your kids, your husband, or your work if you don’t take time for yourself.”   She encourages anyone who wants to live and feel better to just keep moving, and of course, to join the HSM “family” as a way to stay motivated and build the bond that also motivates others. 

“Give us an hour and we’ll make your day,” she says.

Want to know more? Check them out on the web and social media:

Web:  hilliardstudiomethod.com or hsmcore.com

Instagram & Twitter:  @hilliardstudiomethod & @hsmcore

Facebook:  facebook.com/hilliardstudiomethod/

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